Plane Tickets Tips From ABQ
  1. If you are not from ABQ, I hope you can apply the same tips from here.
  2. If you are from ABQ, the whole plane trip might look like this:
    • ABQ-LAX, LAX-ABQ (round trip).
    • LAX-TAO, TAO-LAX (round trip).
  3. If you do it this way you can find international flights that are as low as $400, and domestic as low as $160. For returning to ABQ, you might need to spend a night at LA, it might cost you $100+ per room for the hotel, which is still cheaper than most international flight.
  4. I found things gets odd when you search for flights from a small city such as ABQ. It will take you to different random cities, is a lot longer and more expensive ($1400+ vs as $600+). Which is why I suggest you look for flights from LAX instead of ABQ.
  5. If you book separately, keep in mind that domestic and international flights will be in different areas of the airport and there will be different security system, make sure you give yourself enough time in between (3 hrs might be just enough if you don't have check-ins items, 5 if you do).
  6. I found that the easiest place to look for plane tickets is Google flights.
  7. Again you will lose 12 hours to China and gain 12 hours back in US.
  8. I would have two browsers open and play with the dates and flights. The return flight will change depending on which departure flight you pick.